My Next Adventure

I made it! Home, that is. The past few days have been filled with lots of love visiting with family and helping out with whatever I can. I love my small community in LA, but I missed my large network of people in Wisconsin/Minnesota. My second day back actually had an impromptu mini-roadtrip to Tomah, Wisconsin, to visit my older brother (with my younger brother in tow). We even snuck in a cool hike up a bluff! Yay Wisconsin! I am sure my time home will be filled with mini-roadtrips across my home states, maybe even to Canada since it’s only a few hours away. I have to try a little harder to seek out adventure in the Midwest than I did going across the West, but there are plenty of places I haven’t seen and trails I haven’t hiked!

Now that my trip is over, I can talk about the changes in my life. For those who don’t know, I was on a temporary layoff over the winter which is why I was able to travel and take so much time off. The day before my trip I received news that my layoff was no longer temporary, and that I would have to find a new direction in life. Honestly this news was freeing. I absolutely loved what I did, but this trip has awoken a new side to me that has trouble committing to being home for a long period of time (long being 8-10 months to me). I’m all about the universe sending signs and pointing you in the direction you are or aren’t supposed to go, and this was definitely one of those.

So now my next grand adventure will be……(drum roll please)……..anywhere! I’m super excited to be looking into new careers in new places or areas I traveled to out West, and love the uncertainty of my future. One thing I’ve learned in my short 23 years on this earth, is that you have to embrace change and enjoy it. A stagnant life may seem appealing, but getting too comfortable with what you do or where you’re at can be dangerous. Change forces us to grow and learn new things, and no matter your age, you should always be a student of this world.

So stay tuned, because no one knows where I’ll go next! Including me! Until then, I’ll update with my hiking and exploring of the Midwest. There are some pretty awesome things to do here too, especially “Up North.” I will also be sharing some of my tips for traveling on a budget and solo. AND I may currently be working on a book that could help you in your adventures someday, more to come on that soon. Thanks for sharing in my explorations this winter, and I hope you share in my future endeavors as well!


Mill Bluff State Park


North Country Moss


Magnet Collection from the Roadtrip


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