Scenic Drive in Pastel Land

Utah is so weird. Seriously, so weird. I took the scenic route 12 & 24 to the I-70, stumbling upon Capitol Reef National Park and continuing on toward Colorado. After the park I felt like I drove into a retro-Instagram filter. Utah turned into this weird pastel land where real colors don’t exist, just the baby/light versions of them. And I love it, this weirdo state.

My journey today started back on the east bound scenic 12, passing my stops from yesterday. The landscape quickly changed from the red and orange rock to gray, white, and pink. The drive was quite scenic (duh, scenic highway), and I pulled over quite a few times for photos. Eventually the drive climbed to a mountain peak of 10,000 feet up where there were beautiful pines and plenty of snow. After I emerged from winter, I stumbled upon Capitol Reef National Park! I felt like I unlocked a hidden map in a video game, as I didn’t realize it was on the way to the interstate. I was quite happy to stop to explore a bit, walking a little, driving another scenic road, and checking out petroglyphs. Capitol Reef is almost as vibrant as Bryce Canyon, this time with a lot of pink mixed into the rocks.

The rest of the drive involved taking in the pastel landscape and watching the environment change as I drove into Colorado. I even saw the strange Buttes, quite a sight. Tonight I’ll rest up and plan my time in the Rockies. Can’t wait for more hiking and another national park!


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