A Bridge Not Too Far

Trees! Green grass! Houses! North/Central California is not like SoCal. It’s interesting how every big city is so different. I’ve been to most major ones in the U.S.: New York City, Chicago, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, and now San Francisco. Each one has a different feel and atmosphere to it. Tomorrow I will venture into downtown for the full SF experience, but tonight I’m staying in South San Francisco, a city called San Bruno.

This industrial area of the city is very residential, with an adorable main street you’d find in small-town Wisconsin. Dinner was a local Italian restaurant called West Coast Cafe, where I had a delicious clam and pasta dish. Eating by yourself is quite an experience. Last time I did was in Utah, and I was placed in a booth facing a guy who was staring the whole time. This time they seated me at the corner table, where I could face the wall and eat in peace. It’s amazing how hiking and exploring alone don’t bother me, but eating alone at a restaurant makes me anxious. Anyways, the place I’m staying at is through Airbnb, and the couple I’m staying with is so lovely. The guy is from Wisconsin (go figure!) and I spent a half hour chatting about life with him and his girlfriend. Airbnb has been a great way to meet locals in my travels so far.

Speaking of hiking, the first thing I did when I rolled into town was book it over to the Golden Gate Bridge. My heart melted as soon as I saw its arches sticking out among the hills. I walked the entire span over, and then turned around and walked it back. It was hard to peel my eyes away from the amazing structure and design of the bridge, but when I did I saw ships, dolphins, the city skyline, rolling hills, wide ocean, and Alcatraz. What a view! I also came eye to eye with a helicopter as it flew next to the bridge. That was a new experience! This is like the Grand Canyon where you can view it from car, but probably shouldn’t. Park at one of the close lots and walk over and back, you will be happy you did. Also, the weather was AMAZING for the walk! No fog at all, hardly a cloud in the sky, and around 60 degrees. I got extremely lucky today.

Tomorrow I’m going to try to get an early start to fit in downtown, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the redwoods before heading off to Nevada for Christmas. Another 5 hours of driving tomorrow, off on another fun adventure. 15696913_10211836263045481_76807558_o15682030_10211836262405465_647068237_o15682108_10211836262285462_1085118931_o15657888_10211836262045456_176236941_o15682397_10211836276005805_1607650364_o15697003_10211836261725448_257344373_o15697114_10211836260685422_1512474317_o15682223_10211836261205435_540367066_o15682240_10211836259925403_1300302062_o15658224_10211836260165409_1926870543_o15658685_10211836259805400_1752356600_o


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