Snow….in LA

Stairs, stairs, stairs. Today I ran more stairs at the Culver City Stairs, in the Baldwin Hills State Park. It’s only an elevation gain of about 360 feet, so for a work out people run them over and over and over again. I see the fun in it, although the “view” at the top was of lots of smog floating over the city. Today was an especially smoggy day, so after the workout I ventured over to Marina Del Rey for some nice ocean air.

Upon walking in the Marina Del Rey park, I saw there was an event going on. There was this strange white stuff in part of the park, melting onto the sidewalk….snow! Snow. In Los Angeles. Ugh. So apparently there was a winter/Christmas event going on in Marina Del Rey, with a Christmas boat parade and real snow for the kids to play in. Okay, it was kind of cool, even though I was not thrilled to see it, it was nice for the kiddos of the area to experience “winter.” I quickly ventured away from the snow and wandered along the marina, admiring the boats. My favorite of which was a beautiful yacht with a helicopter on it, my next boat. I wandered a bit before heading back home.

My day ended with some girl time in the sauna. I’m addicted to sweating out the toxins now, after hot yoga with my roommate last night. Hot yoga is exactly what it sounds like, yoga in very hot temperatures. I only thought I was going to die once, but I felt fantastic afterwards. Tonight will also be a girl night, out in downtown with the roomie. Hiking resumes on Monday! 15409969_10211683840995025_2132970848_o15491518_10211683840915023_58994548_o15502793_10211683840595015_1708069339_o15397725_10211683829074727_522840275_o15515948_10211683828674717_224711696_o15502788_10211683827994700_1080590110_o15409711_10211683826954674_1821387790_o


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