Sleepy Saturday Night in Utah

It was a bittersweet farewell to Colorado today. I feel like I have a ton more adventuring to do there, so I may be planning another stop there on my return trip…or maybe that will be my next home. Well I’m glad I had my schedule screwed up for today, because there is no way I could have hiked. I was thinking today I’d be stopping 2 places to hike, but that’s on my way to the Grand Canyon. It’s a good thing, because my calves hurt immensely from moving my foot from the gas pedal to the brake, and my quads cringe at the slightest touch. I guess a mile of stairs will do that to you.

Aside from my legs being ridiculous, it was a great day of driving. To kick off the morning, I went to Aurora for breakfast with an old friend. After I hit the road and drove through the mountains aaaallllllll day. Really the drive was only about 6 hours, but I insisted on stopping at every scenic overlook. It’s my unwritten rule of mountain traveling, to never pass up a scenic stop. So my drive was extended by a half hour or so.

Driving through the mountains was amazing. By Denver the mountains were the arching, snow covered peaks, but by Grand Junction they were more of a canyon landscape, with red and brown rock. Utah is a whole different world from Colorado. Although there are some beautiful mountains, they are contrasted by gorgeous red rock all over the place! It’s extremely photogenic, and I can’t wait to explore tomorrow. For tonight I am debating going to bed super early, or hitting the town to meet some locals. Here are some photos from my drive today. Also, if you’d like to see more photos I post a ton on my Instagram: elisabeththeadventure15322602_10211590656265465_887743431_o15304020_10211590658425519_1558794987_o15321709_10211590655465445_1115464862_o15322400_10211590659985558_936069584_o



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