The Mountains are Calling

Well I’m here, at the base of the mountains in cold Colorado. I’m still waiting for the 80 degrees and sunny weather, but for now I’ll enjoy being here because THERE ARE MOUNTAINS! Mountains are my favorite type of landscape, and I haven’t been near any for a year and a half…what am I doing with my life?

The drive here was better than yesterday. Sorry Iowa, but Nebraska is better to drive through than you. There’s actually water in Nebraska, and cool run down ranches to look at. I was under the impression that all of the drive would be flat, but there were hills at one point that took me by surprise. They resembled the Black Hills, just the smaller, Nebraskan version. After crossing the plains I came to Colorado, where a thick smog from all the weed greeted me…kidding! I didn’t even smell any until I went to a gas station in Colorado Springs.

About 40 miles outside of Colorado Springs is the interesting Paint Mines Interpretive Park. I stopped there to do a little hike, which of course turned into climbing up someĀ rocks. The Paint Mines are very interesting rock structures that are made out of sandstone and other fragile materials. The park had one little parking lot and a pit toilet that was almost filled to the brim (ew), so I’m guessing there’s hardly ever anyone there to maintain it. My favorite part of the park was not the alien-like formations, but the dozens of bunnies that live there! Everywhere I went there were a few bunnies leading the way or sitting in the bushes so I wouldn’t see them. I could have spent a few hours there exploring every crevice and hideaway in the rocks, but instead only spent about an hour and a half. Altogether the park has a few miles of hiking, but why hike when you can navigate narrow spaces between giant rock towers?

After the Paint Mines I headed to Colorado Springs, where I’ll be staying the next few nights. I have a bunch of hiking planned for tomorrow, and just some general exploring of the area. I’ve considered moving to Colorado before, so now is the time to get a feel for the state. My pictures from today are of the Kearney Archway in Nebraska and the Paint Mines. The picture of me is showing how I had to scale the canyon wall to achieve the picture right before it (worth it!)15311571_10211570287276253_577976002_o15292782_10211570290156325_760092375_o15293244_10211570293876418_1811001539_o15302504_10211570293356405_974538778_o15311488_10211570295836467_1520534521_o


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