Call of the Wild Wild West

    Hello, my name is Elisabeth and I am an adventurer. It has been 8 months since my last vacation, and 7.5 months since my last move. I get restless when I am in one place too long, and 7.5 months at my current location is the longest I’ve lived somewhere in the past three years. So naturally I feel the pull to “go”, and what better place to go than the city of angels? I am taking my time and exploring the beautiful western states along the way to SoCal, so my vacation has also turned into an awesome week-long road trip. I’ll be stopping to hike in a few states, as well as stopping to pee in all of the ones I go through, I’m sure.

    This blog is the place I will share my adventures, photos, stories, and thoughts with all who are interested in them. In 32 hours, the fun begins. I’m (almost) packed and ready to go! Here’s a sneak peak at my trusty-dusty hiking pack that will keep me alive if I get stranded when I’m exploring by foot. I’ll write you all from my first destination….Nebraska!15240209_10211542309776833_1760456809_n


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